House Rules

To be added/modified as agreed upon by players.

RULE #1 – Initial PC Creation Guidelines

Roll up two 2nd level PCs with the following framework. The second PC will serve as a backup, should you die quickly. I am not a PC killer, but there has to be the risk. We are writing a story, and as you know, some heroic lives are very short, indeed!

Should a character(s) die, or should a player be joining the campaign once the average PC level is past 2nd, the GM will let the new player know as to which level PC to bring to the next session and assign the starting gold and magic items (if applicable).

To Create your PC:

  • For each Ability Score, roll 4d6, drop the lowest.
  • For any scores resulting in 8 or less, re-roll the whole 4d6.
  • Once all 7 Ability Scores are rolled, drop the lowest.
  • Allocate the 6 final scores as you wish, depending on your Class. *prior to any Class modifications, of course.
  • HP should be the Class base maximum (+any modifiers) for 1st level, and rolled for all subsequent levels.
  • Starting Gold $500 (if PC is created to start past Level 2, GM will assign starting gold.)

As your GM, I will work to make this worth the time you give. I favor balanced Roleplay along with action, and also try to provide 2nd and 3rd dimensions of a campaign. On occasions, one of you might wish to play a single session, so as to develop your character’s back story. I am all about facilitating that.

RULE #2 – Critical Hits and Critical Fumbles

Players opted for the traditional Pathfinder rules for having to confirm To-Hit rolls of natural 20 or natural 1. While this is not a change to the ruleset, it is listed here as having been brought to the table for discussion.

House Rules

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